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DADA Talent

Discover the Creators Shaping Tomorrow

Each individual under the DADA banner is handpicked for their authenticity, creativity, and dedication to making a difference. They are not just creators; they are visionaries, setting new standards and breaking barriers in their respective fields. From breathtaking visuals on Instagram to thought-provoking discussions on YouTube, vibrant dances on TikTok to groundbreaking streams on Twitch, our talent is at the forefront of digital innovation.

Sonia Barbie Tucker

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel

New York, NY, USA

Kristia Tolode

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel

Connecticut, USA

Nyamuoch Girwath

Fashion, Beauty

New York, NY, USA

No Wahala Pod

Fashion, Travel, Mens

New York, NY, USA

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