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Nyamuoch Girwath

Nyamuoch Girwath




Fashion, Beauty




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Nyamuoch is an Ethiopian-born, South-Sudanese American fashion and commercial model based in NYC. With 13 years of experience in the industry, she has used her career as a platform to draw attention to issues surrounding models of color in the fashion industry both on the continent and in the Western world. Her advocacy for the advancement of blacks and models of color has led her to found Principle Thing, a mentorship platform for aspiring models. Nyamuoch's journey is not limited to the fashion industry. Her diverse background includes work in non-profit organizations that focus on migrant and refugee communities, human rights, homelessness, and social justice issues. She has been a part of ADL (Anti-Defamation League), LIRS (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service), AmeriCorp, Hope for Sudan, Girls for Africa, 10,000 Pb&J: homelessness outreach, and the Luol Deng Foundation (South Sudan Unite). This rich tapestry of experiences has shaped her into a compassionate advocate for the needs of models, empowering them to navigate the challenging world of modeling and develop longevity in their careers. Through Principle Thing, Nyamuoch is focused on creating visibility and access for emerging black models of color in world markets to enter the fashion industry. The platform showcases and promotes individual creative perspectives that authentically shape the ever-developing voice of the fashion industry. It is a virtual and in-real-life hub that provides a platform for community building through events and partnerships, mentorship programs, and other development resources to help models succeed.
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