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The Supalords of Gist

No Wahala offers vibrant, insightful dialogue for the African diaspora, curated by Tunde Ogundipe and Bawo Nduka in the heart of New York City. Born from a vision to fill a vital cultural gap, No Wahala is the definitive platform for stories, music, fashion, and pivotal discussions affecting Africans worldwide. 

Tunde Ogundipe 

Former Global Lead for African Music & Culture at Spotify,Sony 

A first-generation Nigerian-American, Tunde Ogundipe's journey from Connecticut to cultural curator has been shaped by an unwavering commitment to celebrate and propagate African culture. As the former Global Lead for African Music & Culture at Spotify, Tunde's extensive career spans continents and companies, including Apple, WME/IMG (Endeavor), McCann, Sony, Warner Music, and Universal Music Group. His work is defined by a passion for bridging the African and Western diasporas through digital strategy and content that not only entertains but educates and unites. Tunde's expertise lies in crafting narratives that elevate African culture, making him a pivotal figure in bringing the continent's vibrant stories to a global audience. 

Bawo Nduka 

Entrepreneur in Entertainment, Public Relations, Apparel, and Catering 

Bawo's story begins in Lagos, Nigeria, and finds its voice in the Bronx, NYC, where he has emerged as a cornerstone of the African community. A first-generation Nigerian-American, Bawo embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, having established himself in the fields of Public Relations, Apparel, and Catering. His journey from college event planner to a sought-after organizer of New York's most vibrant African concerts showcases a unique ability to create spaces where culture and community flourish. Known for his talent in bringing people together, Bawo's influence extends beyond events to fostering connections through fashion, food, and entertainment. His work not only celebrates African culture but actively participates in its dynamic evolution within the diaspora.

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