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Welcoming No Wahala Podcast to the DADA Family

We are beyond excited to share that No Wahala, a trailblazer in the podcasting world and a resonant voice for the African diaspora, has officially joined DADA Management. This partnership is more than just a collaboration; it's a celebration of African culture and its vibrant community across the globe.

About No Wahala Podcast

Founded by Tunde Ogundipe and Bawo Nduka in 2017, the No Wahala Podcast serves as a bridge between cultures, diving deep into topics that resonate with Africans worldwide. From lively discussions on music, sports, and fashion to insightful dialogues about diasporic issues, No Wahala brings West Africa to your ears with authenticity, humor, and unparalleled insight.

Why No Wahala?

Tunde, with his extensive background in global music strategy, and Bawo, a master of cultural events, bring a rich tapestry of experiences that light up every episode. Their work not only entertains but educates and connects the widespread African community, making them perfect additions to our DADA family.

The Future with DADA

With the backing of DADA Management, No Wahala Podcast is set to expand its influence, reaching more ears and hearts than ever before. We are committed to providing Tunde and Bawo with the resources they need to grow their platform and continue their essential work in cultural bridging.

Stay tuned for what we have in store together, and make sure to follow No Wahala on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts to catch all the latest episodes.

Welcome aboard, Tunde and Bawo! We're excited to see how you will continue to shape conversations and bring cultures together under the DADA umbrella.

For more updates and behind-the-scenes looks at our talents, visit our website at

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